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Are there any UFO incidents that were genuinely disturbing and frightening and can't be explaine

Possible UFO abductions often have cryptic clues, baffling circumstances, and tell a story we may never have possibly imagined could be true ….. take the puzzling true story of the disappearance & death of a New York Advertising Exec, Don Kemp….who was quite possible abducted by Aliens…

It’s a story that encompasses Assassination, Cattle Mutilations, Robberies, Ghosts....and the most baffling disappearance & death possibly at the hands of Aliens…..

“A New York advertising man’s disappearance from a desolate Wyoming highway has all the ingredients of an intriguing mystery novel - except for the final chapter.”

The reason The Observer Newspaper said this, on April 12th 1984, is because the final chapter is unable to be written. The mystery itself has not been solved, and it’s a complex web of cryptic clues that, despite the passing of more than 30 years, remain ever elusive.

His Mother once said, “This is a horror and no-one should have to be put through this.” His sister said; “It was all my fault that we ever went to that house in Maryland. I’m sorry I ever suggested it.... I don’t know what everything means. It’s all so weird.... The story is so much more bizarre than I told at the time.”

It’s a true story that encompasses elements of possible Government conspiracy, unexplained deaths of anyone connected to it, UFO’s, Séances, an assassination, mutilations, robberies, ghosts; and of course, the disappearance and death of her brother, Don.

“This all started because of a séance at that house, and everything went crazy from there. I still don’t like to think about that night.”

Her brother Donald Kemp had been working in New York City at an advertising agency. However, outside of work he was a passionate researcher into Abraham Lincoln. In particular, he was most interested in the circumstances surrounding his assassination. So much so that he belonged to a group that shared their obsession for Lincoln, and indeed he had spent much time on his own private research too, with the intention of writing a book about it.

He had only recently partially recovered from a traffic accident, and it was believed that he had been left with permanent injury as a result of it. Whether it was as a result of his slow recovery from this accident, as some have theorized, that led him to abandon the rat-race of New York City and take off for the wilds of Wyoming, in search of tranquility; or whether, as he told his friends, he’d made the decision to go there because he intended to finally write his book on Abraham Lincoln and the events that surrounded his assassination.

He’d been researching it for many months, and had amassed an enormous amount of paperwork and notes with which he was to construct the book, and that was why his friends and family believed he had headed there.

He left New York City with his car full of his belongings, and headed West. On his journey, he stopped off at a museum in Cheyenne on November 15th 1982. He reportedly spent a couple of hours there, leaving without realizing he had left behind his briefcase.

The next night, his vehicle was found abandoned with the engine still running, on a remote road in a Wyoming prairie, about 40 miles from the nearest town. Don was no-where to be seen.

The doors were open and a trail of clothing was strewn across the road. A set of footprints in the snow appeared to indicated that he had walked away across a field.

After his vehicle was reported to local law enforcement, a search was initiated immediately. A duffel bag was discovered some distance from the car, containing items that were later identified as belonging to him, and rather strangely, three of his socks were found 6 miles away in a barn, lying next to a pile of woods which appeared to have been gathered in order to build a fire. Due to a snow blizzard, the search had to be abandoned after 3 days.

During the search, local law enforcement said they found no other tracks in the snow apart from a single trail of footsteps. They covered the area by helicopter too, but again found nothing that would indicate anyone else had been there, but neither could they find any trace of Don.

Though they had found the footprints, they did not find a clear trail to lead them anywhere. The trail appeared to just stop after a distance.

The missing man’s family asked the Sheriff if a search could be carried out using tracker dogs, but it’s believed that he said it was not possible, perhaps because of the blizzard conditions and heavy snow. The police believed he had to have died out in the harsh conditions. He was not in the barn when they arrived there, and he was not out anywhere on the snow covered prairie. Crucially, although a blizzard did come, it had not been snowing at the time his car was found abandoned; the snow arrived three days later.

Five months later, two separate individuals came forward to say they had seen him in Casper, Wyoming, and Cheyenne. Then, a close friend back in New York City received several missed calls. She was out of the city when the calls were made to her apartment, but a voicemail message was left for her, and when she returned and listened to it, she heard Don’s voice; or at least, she was absolutely sure it was his voice.

The police did manage to trace the phone number that these calls had come from. They traced them to a trailer in Wyoming. The young male resident of the trailer was a man by the name of Mark Dennis. Unfortunately, he claimed to have no knowledge of the calls ever having been made, despite them appearing on his phone bill.

The local Sheriff questioned him several times about these calls. He denied having made them. The Sheriff said he felt satisfied with this. The missing man’s mother however, was not satisfied. She questioned the young man too, most insistently, determined to get the truth; but again, he was not able to tell her anything, or rather, perhaps the man was not prepared to. The police said they did not have enough reason to obtain a search warrant for his home. He sought out the service of a lawyer, and later, moved away from the area.

It was to be four long years later that his mother was able to have closure; or was she? Her son’s body was found, four years later, not far from the spot in which his car had been found abandoned. His body was in pristine condition. It was suggested that he had died of exposure, not long after his unexplained disappearance.

Don Kemp - Unsolved Mysteries

So, perhaps it was a simple but tragic case of a man’s unplanned disappearance, due to, as some have theorized, a nervous breakdown, which caused him to evacuate his car in the middle of no-where and walk off into the distance to his inevitable death in the cold climate of Wyoming. The thing is, the story isn’t so cut and dried. It really isn’t a story that can be given an easy ending, because it left an array of unanswered questions.

In what had to be a completely unprecedented circumstance, his body had not attracted any natural predators; no animals or vultures had been drawn to his dead body. There was no way that his body had been covered by snow for 3 years – the snow would have melted; and, it hadn’t been snowing the night he disappeared.

Also, his footprints didn’t lead anywhere. Where they stopped, there was no body. When he’d disappeared, he also wasn’t seen anywhere during the search. There had been no sign of him.

His friend, Judy Aiello, now a well-known artist in New York, had been Don’s co-worker for ten years prior to his disappearance. She knew his voice well. She said that she received 5 calls from him to her phone line, while she was away. On February 27th 1983, she received two phone messages on her ansaphone. Two more on April 5th, and another one 5 days later. Don’s mother said, “She recognized his voice. She said my son spoke in a strained, urgent voice and gave a number where he could be reached.”

The artist’s number was unlisted. She could not be called without someone already knowing her number. The question is, how could Don have made the call, when the cops believed he had died soon after he’d disappeared? His backpack was found soon after his abandoned car was found; did someone else call her? Someone pretending to be him? Why would they do that? Was it a prank? Was it the guy from the trailer who said he had never met Don? Or, had someone else stolen his backpack?

His sister wonders, “Did this man come across my brother’s body and take his possessions including his phone book? This man looked very, very similar to my brother. I looked in high school pictures; they could have been twins. Did this person kill my brother, and take his personal things? Or, could it have been a case of mistaken identity because they looked so alike? They were practically doppelgangers.”

When the artist returned to New York, she heard the messages and called the number he had left on the ansaphone. A man picked up, and when she asked to speak to her friend, he said, “Yes,” followed swiftly by, “No,” and then he hung up. It was the man who lived in the trailer; the man the missing man’s mother believed had to be involved. Online over the years, people have put forward the idea that her son was secretly gay and had been experimenting with his sexuality with this man.

His sister however, responded to these allegations by stating that he had been a well-liked and handsome man who had been very popular with the ladies. “Don was most certainly not gay. He was very much a ladies man, and, he was engaged.” She described him further; “He was magnetic, and extremely intelligent.”

While the Sheriff, Captain Mark Benton, said that his investigation into the man in the trailer was “Inconclusive,” he also did not pursue the matter further, believing he had nothing to go on. He said the man “implied someone else made the calls from his trailer without his knowledge,” but the Sheriff couldn’t confirm or disprove this.

The deceased man’s mother felt the investigation lacked thoroughness, particularly with regards to this man, and noted that her son’s car was not fingerprinted, nor were casts made of the footprints that led away from the car.

The police appeared to be quite keen to go along with the conclusion that he had died of exposure, because presumably they felt they had little else to go on. They were keen to push the theory that he had suffered some kind of mental breakdown and walked away across the Prairie in a protracted act of suicide. The victim’s sister however, as well as his mother, were not of that opinion.

His mother believes he was abducted by the male who lived in the trailer, or perhaps a different male/or males, and held prisoner in the trailer, then killed. If that were the case however, why were his socks found in a barn 6 miles from the scene of his abandoned car, along with a pile of fire wood?

The alternatives to the explanation that he abandoned his own vehicle and walked away to certain self-inflicted death, is that he was abducted. The problem with this of course lies in the lack of a second trail of footprints, although some sleuths have suggested that an abductor, holding a gun to the back of Don’s head, could have stepped in the same footprints as Don to conceal his own.

The abductor would have to have walked with a great deal of confidence and carefulness to have succeeded in doing this, and the barn where his socks were found was 6 miles from the abandoned car. Perhaps it’s still possible. Some have said that there were only 3 socks found in the barn, because the 4th sock must have been pushed into Don’s mouth to keep him quiet.

There has never been an explanation about the phone calls, which could not have been a mistake on the part of the phone company; the calls were itemized on the trailer occupier’s phone bill. Had Don been abducted then, and held at this man’s trailer? But how did his body come to be found in pristine condition and so close to the scene of his disappearance, yet 3 years after his disappearance?

Locals in Wyoming at the time expressed the strangeness of the circumstances. They didn’t think his body would have been left alone by natural predators, and the harsh weather too would have taken its toll on his body before it was found, even if it had been frozen and hidden under snow.

Also, how could a body lie out in the open for so long and not be noticed, if, as the police had believed, he had been there all that time?

Even though it was a remote location, the land had to be owned by someone? He disappeared when it wasn’t snowing, so he couldn’t have been buried by snow. Would they have left their land unchecked for 3 years? If he had killed himself, or been killed, his body would have been there and surely would have been found?

Had he been abducted by someone who had blocked his path on the road? Someone with another vehicle who had flashed him to make him stop, or placed a hazard in the road which forced him to stop? Did someone pretend to be a distressed person in need of his help? If so, why would he have been placed back in the same spot 3 years later after he had been killed? And, his body left unmarked and completely untouched?

When Don’s footsteps were the only ones found, had he fled from someone or something? Had he run in a desperate attempt to get away from someone or something? He was in the middle of no-where. What are the chances a random robber or kidnapper chose to assault him at that spot? How would they know anyone would be coming along that quiet road?

Or, maybe they had followed him. Maybe they were following him for a while and specifically wanting him. Of course, if that had been the case, there is still the mystery of the 1 set of footprints that led away from the car and then stopped, and the socks belonging to him, which were found in the barn several miles away.

His possessions were found hanging out of the car and trailing across the road. Had someone come along, stolen his socks and gone to a barn with them? None of it makes any sense at all. His sister has much more information however; but that information leads in an entirely different direction and one that is incredible to say the least.

After her brother’s death she says, “An expert professor from the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, Dr. Angel, called and asked for my brother’s remains. We approved it and his body was sent there to him.”

“This doctor said that my brother’s body was in perfect condition; untouched, and he concluded that there was no way he had been laying in the open for the last 3 years. It was unheard of; he said it couldn’t have happened; not with wolves, bears etc. So much has occurred that wasn’t known but it is beyond bizarre. Some happened before his death; some happened after his death.”

The doctor was a consultant to the F.B.I. and an expert in anatomy and anthropology.“How did this Doctor at the Institute even hear about my brother? What made him contact us? Why did he want to see my brother’s body? This Dr told us that his body was totally untouched, and that he had been dead no longer than 1-2 years. There was something else very very strange. I know it was my brother’s body because he verified other injuries he had sustained before in his life.”

“Then he told me that his hyoid bone (the U-shaped bone in the neck which supports the tongue) was missing and there was a small perfectly round hole in his head. He was insistent that nothing he knew of was capable of causing that hole. He said he had never seen anything like it. While he said that his body was in perfect condition; he meant it was mummified. I’m just repeating what was said to me.”

“Before my brother left for Wyoming, he had given me a book. It was about the Universe. He turned to a page that said ‘The Pleiades,’ and he said, "I don't know why, but I feel this may be of some importance. You may need this later.”

“In the same area that my brother disappeared, before we found Don's remains there, there was a U.F.O. group run by a Dr. Springer. They said they were there because of some cattle mutilations. One member of this group phoned me and they told me that they believed “they” -a U.F.O.? had taken my brother. This story is so much more bizarre then I told at the time. They told us they had been camping out in this area due to cattle mutilations and my brother had been ‘taken.’

“They were camped out the night my brother went missing, they said they were researching some cattle mutilations."

They called me a couple years later telling me things. I dismissed them as being off the wall; but after we found my brother and the Smithsonian Doctor told us his findings, I didn't know what to think. I also wondered, years later, how Dr. Angel heard about Don's case; it hadn't been on the TV yet.” (This was before the internet and social media. It was also before Paranormal and ‘Alien’ shows started appearing as mainstream shows on T.V.)”

“At that moment, (when contacted by the UFO groups) I didn’t believe things could get any more insane; then, all that time later, when they found my brother’s body and the Dr. at the Smithsonian examined the body, in his report and what he told me was that he was completely puzzled over both how the body was so preserved, and how the hole had been made in his skull.”

“If my brother had just walked out of his vehicle, had a mental breakdown, then how did that account for this Dr.’s findings? Was he killed because someone thought he knew something; something related to U.F.O.’s? - This was two decades before all the Ghost Hunters and U.F.O. TV shows. How did this have something to do with U.F.O.’s? He went missing in the same area as cattle mutilations. His body was mummified.

The hole, according to the Doctor was not caused by any animal nor by any known instrument. He told me he had never seen anything like it.”

“I had put the book he’d given me on my book-shelf and had forgot all about it as soon as he’d given it to me. The UFO group who’d been camped out in the area and who later contacted me, said they felt that whatever “they” were out there looking for, “they” came from a place called "The Pleiades."- The same word he told me I might need to know!”

“When the Doctor attempted to replicate the wound, he found it impossible. When my brother first went missing, we had calls from lots of U.F.O. people but I just dismissed them all. Then came the Doctor’s mystifying findings. What was his interest in the case? I know it all sounds crazy and yet I am talking about the facts.... Then there is also something else which plays its part in this story.”

“Something happened before all this. It was all my fault that we ever went to that house in Maryland. I’m sorry I ever suggested it.... I don’t know what everything means.... It’s all so weird. My brother had already done years of research into Lincoln when we visited Surratt House Museum in Maryland. There was a woman at the reception and when we went in, she asked us if my brother was the man writing the book.”

When he said, “Yes,” she said she had been told by someone to give him their name and phone number. I hesitate to talk about this because it unsettles me still, but my brother contacted the person and it turned out to be a young lady. She said she was a psychic and she wanted him to come to a séance. She told him she had been “contacted” in regards to the assassination of the President. He said it would be fun to go to and that he couldn’t pass that up.”

“So, one night we went to her house. He brought his best friend and there was a group of us altogether, including her husband, and we sat around this lady’s dinner table. In the center was a Ouija board. My brother had brought with him a tape recorder and he set up a camera to record anything that happened. We began, and the psychic began to ask questions out loud, and the planchette started to move.”

“She then began speaking in a strange voice, speaking with words that were very antiquated; words that we do not use now. She also said things she couldn’t have known; unusual names she could not have any prior knowledge of, but that were relevant to us. Some of her knowledge frightened me because she couldn’t have known it.”

“Then she began choking and I could see a red line forming across her neck. The room became freezing and the camera began to flick its lights on and off. In the flashing of the camera I could see the shadow of what looked like a woman in the hallway. It looked like she had a long dress on with a bustle in the skirt. The room became colder than ever and it felt as though evil had entered the room.”

“The room became loud; I know because my brother had to shout over everyone to be heard. I don’t know why but there was chaos in the room and he shouted at everyone to get away from the table. He got us all together and he said the Lord’s Prayer out loud. I guess he didn’t know what else to do, but gradually everything returned to normal again. After that, I never went to a séance again, but I know my brother did because he stayed in contact with this psychic.”

“I know it’s easy to dismiss this and laugh it off but I know this was not just hysteria; I was there when it happened. I know what I saw and I know what I felt and I would never want to have that experience again. A lot more happened after this, but I removed myself from it. That evil, whatever it was, it was palpable.”

“My brother had done years of research among the archives on the assassination. He told me he had uncovered something very disturbing, but he didn’t tell me exactly what it was; he didn’t specify. Did he discover something and did someone know he had found something? Or, did they think he had found something? Perhaps it was all coincidence, but I don’t know how else to explain all the robberies and break-in’s, and deaths.”

In 1983, Don’s mother asked one of Don’s friends if he would go to Wyoming and drive back her son’s car. He took a plane and went to claim the car, then began the drive back to Maryland. The vehicle was broken into when he parked it overnight in a motel as he slept. Many of the missing man’s research papers were stolen.

While parked at the airport, it was broken into again. When the car was returned to the family in Maryland, it was broken into once more, and further personal items relating to his research was taken. When the remaining items were put into storage, another theft occurred. Now, almost all of his independent research on the assassination had been taken. Some of the remaining papers were given to a historian, who died very soon after in a traffic accident. A few audio tapes remained, which had not been in storage or in the car.

The family donated these to a man called Mr. Frank Carrington in Virginia. Soon after taking possession of the audio tapes, his house was burnt down with him in it and he died. Other papers which the family still had, were donated to a Civil War store.

According to his sister, “The owner of the store died in an accident, and the papers were no-where to be found. Once all of his research had been destroyed or taken, all of the break-ins and accidents, stopped.”

Even stranger, his friend says that when he arrived back at his own home and parked the car outside, he found two coins on the floor. One was face up and had been made in the year his friend had been born. The other was face down and had been made in the year his friend had vanished. Perhaps that was simply a coincidence; but his friend said, “He had a thing about coins. He would say if you find one face up it’s good luck. If you find one face down, it’s bad luck. As the years have passed, I’ve continued to see coins when I travel and almost all of them are from the year he disappeared. How do I explain that? I continue to have experiences where I feel he is trying to tell us all something from the afterlife.”

Was his family being fed disinformation about UFO’s and cattle mutilations to divert the family’s suspicions that Don had been silenced because of the information he had said he’d uncovered about the President’s assassination? And yet, the assassination happened so long ago, was it really that sensitive if a revelation came out?

If it was proof that the official version of the assassination was not the correct one, then perhaps it was. If it was a disinformation campaign however, how did that explain the unidentified wound in his skull, and the paranormal happenings?

Had Don staged his own disappearance? Had he fled and been hiding out in the barn? Had he been abducted and held prisoner? Why was the Sheriff so reluctant to bring in search dogs? What had his doppelganger in the trailer to do with his disappearance and death? Had he made the phone calls himself, in an attempt to seek help from someone?

Where had his body been for the years it had been missing? How had it become mummified? Why could experts not work out how the hole in his skull had been made? What had he uncovered in his research that appears to have resulted in a number of people’s mysterious accidents and deaths?

How did this tie in with the book he had given his sister, turned to a page about The Pleiades? Was there any connection to the purported cattle mutilations in the area? None of these puzzling questions have ever been answered and his disappearance and death remain an enduring mystery…..

Was Don Kemp abducted & killed by Aliens….?

Donald Kemp

Death of Don Kemp - Wikipedia

PANIC IN THE WOODS: Unexplained Vanishings & Mysterious Deaths; Creepy Mysteries of the Unexplained - Kindle edition by Stephen (Steph) Young. Children Kindle eBooks @

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