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The Smiley Face Killers & The Manchester Pusher. New Podcast Ep.

New Podcast Episode: The Smiley Face Killers & The Manchester Pusher. Are they related?

Part 4 of my investigation into the strange cases of young men found dead in water, based on my book of 2016

Scores of young men have vanished without a trace, only to be found dead weeks or months later, in remote rivers or creeks, shallow ponds or canals, in areas that search parties have searched multiple times before; then later their bodies are discovered there, as though they have been placed there deliberately to be found.

How could a message in graffiti, written in a Northern City in England have anything to do with a message written in New York, or one of the many other States across America, where male bodies were washing up? Quite simply, they may be one and the same of their off-shoots. They are legion. They are many.....but they are not all the same...

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