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Montauk Project: Montauk Monster or MILAB Mind Control & Drug Hallucination?

In 1971 when Michelle Guerin was a teenager, she was went missing from Ditch Plains Campground near Shadmoor State Park in Montauk, New York State.

‘During a visit to my Uncle’s campsite at Ditch Plains in Montauk, I went missing for 2-3 hours and my uncle remembers it.’ It happened in 1971. Thirty-plus years later in 2003, she finally explained what happened to her, after she underwent hypnosis with a Dr. Kouguell to recover more of her memories about it. Memories had been coming back to her over the years, and they were far from pleasant. In fact, they were horrifying.

She recalls her arrival at the campsite. “We arrive and I change into my bathing suit. It’s boring, so I’m going to look around. I walk off and after a while I pass a group of surfers camping there. One of them looks familiar. It’s “A” – “A’s” brother. (She keeps other people’s names out of it for confidentiality.) He asks if I’ve seen “…” yet – he says he’s surfing. So, I decide to walk down to look for him in the water.

I spot him and when he heads in from the water he calls my name. He asks if I want to take a walk later and can I meet him back at the campsite. So, later I’m at the campsite with him and we start walking, for about just under a mile and then we walk into the dunes to find a quiet spot. There’s a cliff and tall grass.

We sit down on his towel and start making-out, laying down. Suddenly I hear a loud buzzing like lots of bees. We sit up. What is this? Something’s not right! We should run away! I try to yell but I can’t talk. I can’t move! I want my Mom.’

‘It sounds like a car is coming then stops. The buzzing is louder. A man in a soldier’s uniform is looking down at me. Another soldier kicks “A.” He says, “He’s out of it.” There are two others with him. They pick me up. They carry “A” like firemen.

We’re in a jeep going through grass. There’s a hill up ahead. The hill is moving! – it looks like there is a door in the hill. It moves. We drive inside. Other men in black berets are inside. “A” is held by two men. Two take me. We go through a door into a bright hallway and turn right into another hallway. At another hallway, “A” is still going straight but we stop at an elevator.

Inside, we’re going down and then the door opens and it’s much darker down here. There’s a smell…like a cesspool. It’s so cold. There’s a door and one of the soldiers opens it. The room is so dark I can hardly see. It looks like there’s a padded table. They lay me down on it. Then leave the room.’

‘I can’t seem to move anything but my eyes. Why am I here? I don’t like this. Over to my left something moves. It’s coming closer…I can see it better. OH MY GOD! It’s a monster!’

‘(Note: At this point I got so agitated I was almost jumping off the chair in the Dr’s office. I can’t stop crying and shaking. I had to be calmed down before I could continue.)’

‘What I see is a creature, about 6-7 feet tall. Its ears are large and pointed. His eyes are bright yellow. They glow. It has pointed teeth. He has a tail. He’s coming toward me…..I have never been so scared in all my life. He comes to the foot of the table. He pulls my bathing suit off….His face is so close to mine…. I hear raspy sounds.’

‘He puts something inside me and I feel like I’m being ripped apart. He likes to see how terrified I am of him. It gives him a lot of pleasure……When he is done, he goes back to the part of the room I first saw him in…’

‘They help me from the room. I am taken to a well-lit room. There are machines I don’t recognize. A table covered in white. Lots of stainless steel equipment. I am strapped down on that table. People come in wearing white gowns and masks. I feel a prick in my arm.”

She remembers nothing after that, until she comes around, back at the beach. She also had recall of ‘a dark cloaked figure.’ ‘I do not recall any facial features since it was obscured by a hood. I recalled an “interrogation” by some very human-looking men in military attire. I was asked questions about what I call “the little men” – the “greys.”

One of their questions was; “Who,” or, “What are they?” I replied; “They are us.”

After this session, I was stymied. This was not something I believed. If there is a relationship, I have yet to connect the dots. I do not know why the beings I recalled did not appear to have souls.”

Michelle wonders, “Have I fabricated this?” - ‘I can certainly understand people questioning this. I still find myself questioning if it happened or if I fabricated it all. It was this scepticism that forced me to seek as much validation as I could.’

Is it suspicious, or simply unfortunate coincidence, that when scheduled to speak about her experience in November 1991, she suffered a stroke two days before this?

She has had other flashbacks about this time when she was taken from the campground, including seeing a face of a person and a conversation that seemed to be telepathic, of ‘him’ calling her “little one,” and attempting to soothe her.

‘I recall being in a dark place, afraid, floating in something that felt heavier than water. I had been standing naked in front of a metal door, struggling with a soldier while a doctor told me I had to do it. I was pleading with him not to make me go in there… I am afraid of drowning. I want to get out. Why do I have to be in here? I calm myself enough to float. I can feel wires attached to me. I stretch out my arms trying to feel the walls that enclose me.’

‘Are my eyes open? Blackness, floating motion. I can see movement, shadows and forms. Dark grey now. “Don’t be afraid little one, take my hand, I will guide you.”

‘Grey turns to blue like the sky, white clouds. It feels like I’m flying. I see tranquil blue water, a beautiful lush hill, mountainous area, deep canyons. A big white building. Diving through the white foam of a deep blue wave. I am underwater. I can see a dark entrance to a cave among the rocks and hills. It is a desolate place.’

‘I feel lonely, cold, time is not what we think it is. Each moment is happening now. An endless loop that we can enter at many points but we should take care not to disrupt the loops.’

Where Michelle was abducted is the same area as the infamous ‘Montauk.’ On the Eastern tip of Long Island, New York State, lies an isolated, desolate stretch of land. It’s now owned by the New York State Office of Parks & Recreations. What remains now of the former Military Base once operational there, is a huge radar dish, abandoned outbuildings, and bunkers. When it was abandoned, it became a ripe place for urban explorers, although many found it to be a creepy place to venture into, as well as risky in terms of safety and the possibility of getting caught for trespassing.

It’s not the over-ground remains of the buildings there that most intrigue; it’s what lies underground, or what is alleged to have. One of the most widely held beliefs is that the former Air force base comprises of facilities under the ground amid an elaborate network of subterranean tunnels, and some believe it is still operational beneath the ground, and is home to top-secret and nefarious black ops projects and experiments. Some parts of the camp remained closed off and guarded still supposedly, especially the areas near the old satellite and military installations.

Richard Whelan, vice president of the East Hampton Trails Preservation Society and a military history buff, interviewed by Sagharbor Express, said he has explored Camp Hero in depth over the years, before it was legal to do so and afterwards. “There’s nothing behind it; there is no mystery. To the people who live here, it’s just about selling books...” he says dismissively.

Interestingly though, the deeds to Camp Hero state that although the above-ground belongs to the Office of Parks and Recreation, everything below-ground belongs to the Government, and those who are termed “conspiracy researchers,” think there is a lot more to Camp Hero than this local historian says. Most notably, there are more ‘witnesses’ than just Michelle who would disagree with Whelan’s benign version of the story of camp Hero. These ‘witnesses’ say they were taken and held underground, and the circumstances were far from pleasant.

It’s an alleged place of mass child abductions, psychological warfare, experiments of torture, mind control, time travel and inter-dimensional travel, Reptilians and Greys, and a beast that cannot be defined.

If we go back to Michelle’s experience of being abducted near her Uncle’s campsite and allegedly taken underground where she was placed in a room with a ‘monster,’ Dr. Helmut Lammer PhD, who wrote ‘MILABS: Military Mind Control & Alien Abduction’

in 2000, attempts to dissect her experience at Montauk.

‘We don't think that the military worked with this reptoid creature. It could be possible that she was drugged with a hallucinogen, raped by a human, and the reptoid projected as a kind of screen memory… although she described the skin and other features of the creature quite realistically...’

Adding to this theory, researcher Dr. Stanislav Grof wrote that the strange alien worlds drugged LSD subjects discover and explore seem to have a reality of their own, although not in the range of our cosmos; ‘they appear to exist in other dimensions or in universes coexistent with ours. The drugged individuals can encounter ‘entities’ who have bizarre physical forms.’

He cites that one female of his LSD experiencers had a sense of identification with a species of large reptiles. While experiencing this, she opened her eyes and looked at the therapist, “who seemed transformed into a reptile too. She was fascinated by scales she visualized on the side of the therapist’s head.”

Since many people have phobias about reptiles, Dr. Lammer theorises that it could thus be logical that they could experience such beings if they were on a drug trip. ‘It should be clear then that Michelle's reptoid/rape experience could have been drug induced, where she possibly saw a human transformed into a ‘reptoid,’ like some of these drugged test subjects.

He goes further; ‘After the attack on her, Michelle was escorted to an examination room and strapped down. After this examination, she was forced into an isolation tank where she began to hallucinate. Declassified documents show that intelligence agencies had great interest in this research and used hallucinogens for cover stories to discredit individuals during covert operations.’

‘We believe that her experience shows there is evidence she was a victim of such deprivation experiments. - If the abductee underwent hypno-programming by military psychiatrists, it should have been possible to create imaginary alien encounters.’

He also offers another alternative. ‘A research project by Dr. Alvin Lawson and Dr. W. C. McCall led to a scientifically testable hypothesis that at least some “alien abduction” experiences are actually ‘Birth Memories.’ - prenatal or birth memories. This was mostly ridiculed by ET-proponents.’

‘In an attempt to evaluate ‘alien abductee’ claims, these doctors induced imaginary abduction experiences in a team of volunteers who had demonstrated no significant knowledge of UFO’s. Data from four imaginary and four real abduction cases showed no substantial differences.

Also, patterns echoing well-established details from real alien abduction encounters emerged from these imaginary sessions. All of the described incidents were identical with those in alien abductions, from ‘disc-like crafts’ ‘humanoids,’ ‘aliens passing through solid walls,’ were seen in the volunteers.

‘In the birth-memory study (of Dr. Grof.) encounters are described with different types of non-human beings – ‘foetal, animal, robot, creature, and apparitional. These types are close to the reported ‘alien’ beings’ of real alien abductions.’

One test subject described: “…He sort of has a scaly-like skin…I am not comfortable… the other scaly ones… they just seem to be sort of non-existent or guard-type things or something…”

‘This imaginary abductee reported “reptoid non-human” beings on board an imaginary UFO. He was just as frightened as the ‘real’ abductees, like Michelle.’

Lammer adds that the research doctor was then very surprised to find that his research results led to an unusual reaction. Although the article he produced describing his experiments was published in a very obscure and little-read journal, he said that he immediately began to receive literally hundreds of requests for more detailed information from military research centres, worldwide.

He concludes; ‘We should therefore be aware of the reported similarities between drug-induced hallucinations, and alien abduction experiences! We can see from this imaginary ‘alien abduction’ study that it would be easy for psychiatrists who work for secret military or intelligence agencies to create ‘alien abduction scenarios’ that appear similar to ‘real’ abduction encounters.’

After he had written this article, he later attempted to discover if isolation tanks such as the one Michelle described being placed into in water, really could exist. Writing on he says; ‘I researched the literature on sensory deprivation experiments and came across isolation tanks invented by Dr. John Lilly. Dr. Lilly tried to find out how he could isolate the brain and mind. He found such a tank inside a soundproof chamber in an isolated building near the campus of the National Institute of Health.’

‘This isolation tank was built during World War II for experiments by the Office of Naval Research on underwater swimmers. This was the beginning of research on isolation, including with drugs.’

Crucially he also points out; ‘It should be noted that Lilly was contacted by covert intelligence services for the Department of Defense. As the isolation tank research became known, various individuals from government agencies called him to find out about it. The doctor claims that among them were researchers working in ‘brain-washing.’ They asked him if the isolation tank could be used to ‘change believe systems of persons under coercion.’ They wanted to use the tanks for experiments in mind control and to ‘brain-wash.’

‘The Doctor visualized that peoples believe systems could be changed as desired by the controllers. He was convinced that military/intelligence would indeed use this isolation technique for covert experiments.’

‘I think Michelle's experiences show us that this was true and that there is enough evidence that she is one victim of such a deprivation tank experiment. One should note, however, that this had nothing to do with aliens,’ (- in Lammer’s opinion, that is. Is he right?

Well, there’s also a lady called Jolene JoJo Seebacher who says she was also at Montauk. She says she is a survivor of medical experimentation, satanic ritual abuse, and Black Ops military mind programming. She says her abuse began while still in the womb, when her foetus was injected multiple times.

‘There was an aspect of something called, around the time of the “Montauk Boys,” there was something called “the Plum Island Girls.” Montauk is not far from the alleged “Animal-Hybridization Factory” and exotic disease creations at Plum Island, a bio--research facility. I’m not going to speak a lot about it but that’s where a lot of the satanic ritual abuse was that I physically witnessed - but not only witnessed, but was made to participate in while I was strapped down to these chairs.’

‘With the ritual abuse, the black magic that is imbued for these time portals or gates or expansions – anything, needed to have black magic and serious satanic ritual abuse – a lot of brutality. I have a very very difficult time talking about my experiences. As a young child into my teenage years I was very quiet and very shy from town to town, going from adult to adult and finding out that they were all part of the same rings – no matter what home town my father brought us into – he was still with the Pharmaceuticals company, so no matter who I went to for help they were all part of the ring and identifiable to one another.’

‘I was married young at 17 to my first handler and went to California. I was taken over again for programming. There was NSA involvement, some Hollywood producers involved, a lot of black magic ritual involved, demonic things going on and these parties, and there was a lot of missing time when I was in California. I experienced MILAB things – I refuse to talk about that. I will only talk about that privately.’

Jolene Seebacher says she has tried several times writing books about it all, but each manuscript has been stolen from her home during separate break-ins. She says she managed to break free in her adult life, work through her altars, and became a world class shaolin marital artist and now dedicates herself to helping others who may have survived similar experiences.

While Jolene was ‘recruited’ for experimentation because her father was employed at the “…” pharmaceutical laboratories, researcher John Quinn, back in 1999 disclosed that he had knowledge of Vandenberg AFB in Santa Barbara County allegedly being named as a site for "MK-Ultra" activity, and “in a section of my report on the current state of the Montauk Project and related activities entitled "Phoenix Undead" it lists some known subterranean facilities where evidence shows covert "psy-ops" activity being conducted. I referred specifically to an installation beneath Plattsburgh AFB in north-eastern New York State as a vast 18-level subterranean facility.”

Is this all true, and if so, do some of the abductions along trails and hikes, such as Michelle’s abduction from the dunes near the Ditch Plains Campsite, Shadmoor state park, result in captives being taken underground? or, we must disregard all of these individual accounts as simply over-active imagination?

Interestingly, in Suffolk County, where Montauk was / is located, Long Island Press published a study in 2005 called; ‘Long Island Missing Children,’ in which it says; ‘Most children reported missing end up at home again within days, but a tragic few remain lost for weeks....months....years,’

A Suffolk County Legislative Report in 2011 wrote; “This Legislature hereby finds and determines that over 2,000 children go missing in the United States each day. This Legislature also finds that failure to report a child missing within 24 hours should be a criminal act subject to significant penalties. Violation of this article shall constitute an unclassified misdemeanour, punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 and/or up to one year's imprisonment.”

The New York Times reported that from 1984 - 1992, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, nationwide nearly 31,000 children were reported missing. Of those, more than 20,000 returned, but 9,000 remain still missing.

15-year-old Cynthia Constantine was last seen in Oakdale, Suffolk County, 68 miles from Montauk, on July 11, 1969. She took her dog for a walk along the railroad tracks. The dog returned home without her, trailing its lead. She has never been heard from again. More than forty years later, her disappearance remains unsolved. Searches turned up no clues despite her disappearance being all over the New York Newspapers as well as covered nationally, with tips phoned in but none leading to any credible evidence or suspects.

She vanished in broad-daylight near the Montauk highway over-pass bridge. Of course, a human predator is the most likely explanation for this, but then again, we simply do not know ….

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