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Invisible Predator in the Forest: Predators in the Woods

Excerpt from 2014 "Predators in the Woods" book, Steph Young.

'Witnesses claim to have encountered something that has been likened to the alien in the ‘Predator’ movies; able to evade and elude and attack through the use of artificial cloaking, that masks its body and renders it almost invisible.

Doctor of Physics Bruce Maccabee, an expert on optics, sounds and lasers at Naval Surface Warfare Centre, and a researcher into ufo’s, orbs and other unexplained anomalies describes a case of a ‘Predator in the Forest,’ on his site. Later talked about by David Paulides of Missing 411 fame, although appearing first in my book 'Predators in the Woods.'

A lady called Jan had set up a hunting stand in her native Ohio at the start of the hunting season. Sitting in the stand about fifteen feet up between the trees in a forested area, she patiently waited.

As she sat there, she passed the time texting friends and taking photos with her phone.

Suddenly the woods went silent. She noticed that there was no noise at all around her; the birds had stopped, there was no rustling in the foliage. Just dead silence. It made her feel suddenly anxious and she was so unnerved by it that she sent a text saying “Something is wrong here. The woods just went dead silent...It’s odd.”

She thought it was possible a panther or coyote was approaching. As her eyes roamed the area, she suddenly noticed a strange visual effect that seemed to be moving across her field of vision, about twenty feet away. It looked like a mirage in a desert; but it was not hot there.

She removed her glasses and rubbed her eyes, wondering if something in her eyes was causing it. But when she put her glasses back on it was still there.

It travelled from left to right in front of her, above the ground, and then eventually disappeared from sight. When it did, gradually the animal sounds of the forest returned. She later described it as ‘like the invisible creature in Predator.’

Shortly after this, her nephew was at his High School not far away with other students. Several of them there reported seeing strange bright moving lights in the sky as it got dark. They were on their sports field, and the lights were directly above them, changing colour from white to amber, then they disappeared.

“Airplanes don’t just disappear,” he said, adding, “Every now and then I felt I could see something out of the corner of my eye, but it was probably my imagination.”

Or was it....?

Michael Ian Black, of ‘The black files,’ (michaelinablackwix) claims to have captured images of chameleon-like reptilian creatures in the Clapham Woods in Sussex, England.

An area rife with rumours of decades-long occult worship, the pictures if genuine clearly show reptilian-like entities blended with the trees on which they sit. Up to six feet in length, with arms and legs and in the form of what looks like a preying mantis.

“They have the ability to blend no matter where they are; they are masters of disguise, making them almost impossible to spot.”

They were not seen while taking the photos, but afterward upon looking more closely at the captured images.

He claims one of the pictures shows a black shape that does not fit with the surrounding greenery. “This one has been caught before it has had time to merge with its surrounding.

You can’t normally see them with the naked eye.”

He goes on to make an astonishing claim; “I believe this is the reason why they can abduct with ease. I believe a race of reptiles is using our forests. Clapham woods, like Rendelsham Forest has had quite a lot of UFO sightings over the years.”

He ponders, “balls of light” are seen in groups coming and going from woods. Are they related?

Reptiles can change their colour to match any surroundings. They could be in your house and you would not be able to see them...”

Author Steph Young on Coast to Coast AM in 2015 talking about the Invisible Predator in the Forest:

These stories originally appeared in my book Predators in the Woods, released 2014

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