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Monsters Abound

Who was The London Monster? The Pérák? Spring Heeled Jack? plus a dazzling array of other monsters...

As the attacks grew in number, a group of men, determined to put an end to it, came together to form the ‘NO MONSTER CLUB,” and each wore a pin in their lapel to identify themselves as belonging to the ‘NO MONSTER CLUB’ to ensure that when they were out in search of this assailant at night, they were not themselves accused of being him.

He arrived from no-where, in the dead of night, when he came leaping out in the dark, his eyes illuminated like hot red coals, his hands resplendent with glittering razor-sharp hooks. It was 1837 in Victorian London but soon he was seen in other parts of the country, and he was most known for his seemingly supernatural ability to leap over high walls, and make boundless, endless jumps of great distances. He could scale walls effortlessly, impossibly, and vanish back into the dead of night.

Episode on: 'MASQUERADE' Podcast: Creepy Unexplained Mysteries with author Steph Young

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