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The American Dyatlov Pass Incident!

I came across this little-known story, which bears remarkable similarities to the Dyatlov Pass incident – yet it happened in 1978 in a National Park in America!

Described by the Washington Post in 1978 as “The American Dyatlov Pass,” it concerns the curious, bizarre, tragic and ultimately still unsolved case of the death of four young men in the woods of a national forest.

They had started out with five men – one was now missing and the other four were dead. One of the deceased was found in a cabin. This cabin had enough food and fuel to heat it to last for several months - but this fuel was never used, and most of the food was still uneaten, and the man found dead inside had lost 100 lbs. He was found wrapped like a shroud. Three of the other men were found dead outside the cabin, all dead and in various conditions throughout the woods that lined the cabin.

What had led them to leave the safety of their car on the night they went missing, and walk miles in waist-high snow ( a semmingly impossible feat) to what would be obvious death? It's an intriguing tale.

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